Repairing the Weave

Warriors Crypt

Warriors Crypt
Adventure One

The party was sent to a nearby crypt to deal with a goblin band that was harrasing Selkik’s supply lines. Promptly routing the goblins’, they explored the entirety of the crypt and slayed the many undead inhabiting it. Selmik was hit with a curse trap and had to be left behind, and Zaknafarian has not been seen since the main chamber.

A sealed door was opened by answering a simple riddle that held it shut. Journeying down the stairs the party came across Gozer, who had no recollection on how himself or his familiar and steed got there. Dealing with some gargoyles in the hall beyond, the party came across a Shield Guardian barring the way. Todd attempted to negotiate with it, which prompted a attack on the party. In the room it was guarding, the party met Burgell and after a few testy moments a loose alliance was made. In celebration, the party enjoyed a bottle of Gogondy which caused everyone to experience some visions.


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