Winter Break Info

For the Winter Break between semesters, I will be running a separate story arc with a new party of Player Characters to allow myself some rewrites and planning in the main game. This page will be the primary source of information for this mini-campaign.

Game Info :

In the turmoil and chaos following Queen Jaerle’s execution, House Obarskyr’s heir was lost and presumed kidnapped by enemies of the traditionally ruling house of Cormyr. Lord Obarskyr has frantically sent multiple expeditions out to locate his missing son, and the party is one of those expeditions.

With Lord Selkik taming the border region of the Stonelands to the northwest, Lord Obarskyr is sending a group to pacify the mysterious and legendarily evil region known as the Vast Swamp that traditionally formed the border between Cormyr and Sembia. Local folklore tells of a legendary tomb in the heart of the swamp that twists and corrupts the area. Edward Obarskyr, the missing heir, had a well known obsession with taming the area and his father believes this was due to the perverting influence. If he is indeed captured, his captors might have fled to the area with him.

Character Creation

  • Character level – Make your characters level nine to start.
  • Race – Any race from any book I can reference is fair game, preferring Races of Faeuran though.
  • Classes – Doing gestalt again since its the same campaign setting. Any class from any book I can reference, preferring Forgotten Realms classes. If you meet prestige requirements, you can take a prestige class on one side at my discretion.
  • Backstory – Since we will be using these characters for only a few weeks, I am not looking for elaborate backstories. Pretty much sell to me why Lord Obarskyr would ask you to join this expedition and the bonuses you bring to it. However, everyone is required to have one because-
  • Flaws – Take up to two flaws of your choosing and two bonus feats to match them. Flaws should actually hinder your character in someway and anyone taking a negligible flaw will be susceptible to rocks falling on their head.
  • Leadership – You do not need to explicitly take a leadership feat, but everyone is counted as having one to offset the flaw. From this, you can design a level seven cohort that meets all the other character creation rules. Cohort can not take any leadership feats of their own. Cohorts will be used as backup characters as needed and should be incorporated into your backstories somehow. Your primary character and cohort have histories together and work together, so if your primary is a Lawful Good Elf and your cohort is a Chaotic Evil Orc, you will have a harder time selling it to me.
  • Followers – The party will have a small support camp that is derived from the leadership feats everyone has. It will be enough to make sure nobody starves, provide basic supplies and help out, but will be at significantly lower levels then the player characters and cohorts.
  • Player Secret – Every player will be given a secret of some sort they are expected to keep to themselves regarding their characters. They will all amount to more interesting game play and can be subtly exposed through game play over the three week period. It wont work if the secret is “your character is gay” and within the first five minutes you start dry humping the charismatic paladin’s leg….just as a example.
  • Level Adjustment – Nothing solid, but try to keep your total level around nine. LA’s are halved per the game, but I might give everyone something that changes their level anyways so I wont be too strict on this. Just keep it in your backstory.
  • Starting Equipment – Cherry pick what you want from the two class starting packages. Sell back for half its worth. Buy what you want from any book (please note sources though) using 36000 gp. Dont get too crazy with game breaking stuff and you should be good though.

You should stick to creatures that are Small to Large, anything smaller or larger will lead to complications. More details will follow but this should be enough to get everyone started.

I will be making a character to play myself to join the group, but I will give more details of him and his cohort after I see what you guys are coming up with. Regardless of what I run, I will be playing him at a handicap so you guys cant count on him doing the bulk of the work.

Expecting to run this short campaign for three weeks, starting December 17th. December 24th we will not meet at all due to the holidays, but we will play this arc twice more in January before the Spring Semester starts. If Monday nights do not work for game time next semester, I need to know TWO WEEKS AGO so let me know right away.

Winter Break Info

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