Shameless Cleric Druid build

Just a example of what can be done with your level 9 characters. Here is the highlights of something I cooked up last night and just finalized. Witholding specifics because he might be a boss fight later, but I dont think thats too likely.


Ixen’s early life was a problematic one. Born a gold-scaled dragonwrought kobold, he was immeadiatly different from the rest of a tribe that didnt tolerate unique individuals. Compounding this was the fact he was not content to spend his life mining, as was fitting for his station. He frequently got disciplined from sneaking out of his shifts in the tribes mines to sit in the forges where he’d sit and watch the dancing flames for hours. Very early he adopted a pet lizard, which most of the tribe saw as a waste of valuable resources.
When he became a young adult at eight years, he was finally driven out of the tribe and it was abundantly made clear he was never welcomed back. Over the next few decades he spent his lonely years growing in his religious worship of flames, seeking out fires of the Underdark that traditionally mean danger to most inhabitants. Growing in his faith and his power he finally made a sacred vow to the flames to serve them for the rest of his life. Much to his surprise, the flames answered his call and he was engulfed in flames. After the initial shocked, he was quite surprised not to be immediately consumed.
When the flames receeded, he found himself on the warm stone floor of onyx, in a chamber lit by dancing flames. Looking up he saw a fire alit in a massive blaze, surrounded by robed figures. They welcomed him to the church of Kossuth as a new initiate, and over the next several years he was formerly trained a cleric in the church. Finishing his training, he took a solemn vow of poverty to never own any material items of value and to live as humbly as possible serving the Firelord. To assist him on his quest, Kossuth granted him a Half-fire elemental dire weasel to be his trusted friend and companion. In the following adventures he started to gain levels as a planar Shepard, working to bring the elemental plane of fire closer to Toril.


Ixen believes in the purifying force of fire as a cleansing, holy power. All things and everyone must be baptized in the flame to rid itself of the evil that contaminates us all. Spreading the fire is his life and mission, seeking out especially evil creatures to burn from the world. Ever at odds with water creatures due to Kossuth’s never ending war with Istichia, he is compelled by his faith to slay them wherever they may be found. At best, he is passively hostile to air and earth elementals. Ixen has a racial hatred for any and all gnomes, and welcomes any excuse to baptize them in his holy fire.


Racial -
- Breath attack (EX), Damage Reduction (SU), Immunities (EX):
- Holy Power (SU), Holy Touch (SU), Spell like abilities (SU), Damage Reduction (SU), Fast Healing (EX), Immunities (EX), Keen vision (EX), Protective Aura (SU), Resistances (EX), Tongues (SU)
_Vow of Poverty _:
Exalted Armor bonus, Bonus Exalted Feats, Endure Elements, Exalted Strike (SU), Sustenance (EX): Doesnt need to eat or drink, Deflection (SU), deflection bonus to AC, Resistance (EX), Ability scores enhancements (EX), Natural Armor (EX), Mind Shielding (EX), Damage Reduction (SU).
Druid -
-Half fire elemental dire weasel, Wild shape to large
Planar Shepard -
-Attuned to elemental plane of fire, Wild shape and animal companion stacks with druid levels, Plane shift, planar bubble.
Cleric -
- Up to 5th level spells, able to turn undead and water creatures, able to rebuke/command fire creatures

It didnt take that long for me to hack out the bulk of the build. Decided to run with a Druid/Cleric, all the spellcasting on the cleric side. Did a google search for build examples and decided a subrace of a Kobold would be fun to play. When I saw I qualified for the planar shepard prestige class, I took that as soon as possible and enjoyed the stacking wildshape and animal companions. Most of the time was spent fine tuning the skill, feat and spell selections.

Shameless Cleric Druid build

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