Realm Information

The Kingdom is composed of three seperate regions in the central Heartlands of Toril.

H2. Cormyr

Cormyr was always traditionally a independent Kingdom that held off countless invasion attempts and attacks on their Kingdom. House Obarsky were the traditional rulers and held the Kingdom despite several threats at home and abroad. Known as the Forest Kingdom, Cormyr was legendary for its army known as the Purple Dragons, a lawful order of Knights that gave Cormyr the military might it needed. Supporting them were the Battle Wizards, a sanctioned group of arcane casters supported by the Kingdom.

Since being conquered, Cormyr has enjoyed a relative independent state still. The Purple Dragons is still the single largest military group in the realm. The Battle Wizards, however, have ‘officially’ been disbanded per the ban on arcane magic use.

Cormyr has had a longstanding offer of a Baronship for whoever can tame the region known as the Stonelands that is the border region to its northwest. Your benefactor, Lord Selkik, is attempting to claim that Baronship.

H2. Sembia

Sembia, known collectively as the merchant Kingdom, was collectively ruled by self-styled merchant princes that ruled and fought with money rather then swords. However, Sembia was not without military might as it had a sanctioned mercenary group known as the Silver Ravens, rumored to be around two hundred strong. Not known to be as noble or honorable as the Purple Knights, many of the Silver Ravens have been known to be rogues and deal in less then honorable manners. They consider themselves more pragmatic then illegal, a distinction lost on many of their victims. House Selkik runs the Silver Ravens.

H3. Cormanyther

The mighty forest of Cormanthyr once covered all of the realms below the numerous mountain ranges’ treelines. However, human immigrants starting settling and logging the fringe areas, causing conflict with the native Elves of the woods. A uneasy truce was settled on after years of ongoing strife between the two groups, allowing the humans to remain in the valleys bordering the forest (known collectively as “Dales” or “the Dalelands”), and the Elves kept the woods. Millinea later, many of the Elves retreated from the forest, leaving a power vacuum. Of the Dales, there were a few dozen at any given time, each as independent as the last and only uniting to face a outside threat.

When the Elves retreated, two groups of Drow moved in to fill the vacant forest. Amongst them was House Jaerle, the current rulers of the Kingdom.

Realm Information

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