The party:

SelmikFighter/Rogue Ghostwise Halfling – hired as a scout.
During the first adventure, Selmik was hit with a cursed trap. Todd was convinced this was a disease and attempted to cure him of it. Failing that, he woefully assumed that Selmik was dead and took her back to his home forest, giving her a honorable burial. Buried alive, Selmik suffocated three days later in the grave.

  • Status – deceased.

Todd IngramDruid/Barbarian Wood Elf – hired as muscle.
Todd is a druidic vegan, and through his rigorous diet and training has some minor psionic powers. Full of himself and believes he is better then everyone else. Has rock-star awesome blonde hair that stands straight up when using psionics.

  • Status – currently gaining experience using his animal companion as a combat mount.

Danador VeralMonk/Wizard Avariel – hired as a wizard.
Danador is on a minor quest to seek out how to repair damage dealt to the Weave.

  • Status – Collaborating with Burgell Blackrock on spells.

Lila Hal’quarraFighter/Cloistered Cleric Drow – hired as a fighter.
A worshiper of the Drow deity Selvatarum, Lila has little love for worshipers of Lolth, other Drow, or really anyone in general.

  • Status – very dark.

ZaknafeinRogue/Wizard Drow – hired as a scout.
Has not been seen since the Warriors Crypt.

  • Status – invisible.

GozerFighter/Sorcerer Air Genasi – found in the Warriors Crypt.
With his loyal pegasi steed and toad familiar, Gozer is on a quest to find his Air Elemental father and currently along for the ride.

Burgell ‘the Black Mage’ BlackrockRogue/Wizard Deep Gnome – found after the Warriors Crypt was cleared.
The party interrupted his research on repairing the Weave, but given how himself and Danador have similar goals he has reluctantly agreed to help as he can. Has since relocated himself to a hidden cave close enough to the settlement to be of use, but far enough that the orc guards have not detected him. Highly specialized in non-detection illusions. Can brew potions and scribe scrolls for the party and accompany them if given enough persuaded that it will help with his quest.

  • Status – Researching spells.


Repairing the Weave GusThomas