Notable NPC's

Notable NPC’s:

There are a few notable NPC’s worth keeping track of, and they are summarized below.

Selkik – your employer, he is the third son of House Selkik, a noble house in Sembia and the family behind the famous Silver Ravens mercenary group based there. He has come to the Stonelands to claim the Baronship awarded to whoever pacifies the region. The party is hired at 100,000 gp each to assist him in this, with 10,000 gp given up front to assist in starting costs. Known as the Black Raven for his departure from Sembia, he has hired several other mercenary groups as well. Any Silver Ravens that left with him are known collectively as Black Ravens, which number in the forties.

Jango – Leading the expedition group to the Caverns of Death, Jango is the second commander of the Black Ravens.

Krusk – Leading the Bloodfang Orcs going on the expedition.

Jaalask – juvenile kobold that is currently enamored with Danador and helpful to him. Relatively indifferent to everyone else.

Notable NPC's

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